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Mike‘s Hot Dog & Chicken Adventure 

In 2007, Mike Richards, decided to embark on a new restaurant adventure with his good friend Nick Harris. Mike and Nick opened Joe Schmoe’s in 2013 based on loving the simplicity of a hot dog stand but having the complexity of original, gourmet and of course delicious hot dog recipes and homemade Frozen Custard.


Seeking to learn from the established wiener-masters, Nick and Mike began sampling hot dog stands around the country. They traveled across Southern and Northern California and eventually made their way to Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, the Carolinas and even Florida in search of inspiration for a quality hot dog they could serve at a reasonable price and they did it! While traveling around the country eating every hot dog in sight, Nick and Mike stumbled across an unbelievable form of ice cream known as frozen custard, which is very popular in the Midwest and on the East Coast. It was so delicious that they had to serve it. They even enrolled in ice cream school at the Frozen Dessert Institute in St. Louis! Putting the final touches on their menu, the partners decided to create a fresh ground burger inspired by an old Long Beach favorite, to offer alongside hot dogs and custard.


Don’t forget the BEER… Next to our sister restaurant, Gourmet Pie & Café, we have the coldest beer in town. Our custom beer taps keep our beer at a consistent 29 degrees! Our taps include a great selection of domestic beers as well as imports, IPA’s and new beers coming in all the time for you to try.


After four years as everyone’s favorite hot dog stand, in 2017, Mike brought another one of his food adventures to Joe’s and introduced our Traditional Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich and you can be sure there is more to come as we continue to grow!


In 2018, we are once again embarking on an adventure with our Joe’s Side Door Tavern style menu the whole family can enjoy. We’re bringing the spicy, sweet, tangy and tart tastes of the south to you not only with our Traditional Nashville Hot Chicken but with our twist on our favorite Southern Sides, Desserts and Southern Biscuit Breakfast too! Keep following us to see what’s coming next this year on our Joe’s Side Door menu.


Over the years, we’ve been sharing great food with you discovered during Mike’s travels throughout the US because we believe you should be able to experience all the great food adventures with us. We want you to walk in to Joe Schmoe’s and have the best food adventure you can while being able to experience great flavors from around the country all right in here in your own backyard. 

We’re all about family, friends and great tasting homemade food! Keep showing us the love and we’ll keep showing it right back with a Great food adventure, atmosphere and service. 
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